A Level

This is a bridging course for students who wish to join universities where the IGCSE/SGCSE/ O'LEVEL qualification is not sufficient for admission. The school started offering A'Level in 1976. This was necessitated by the fact that the University of Swaziland was not offering any of the science re...........

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Junior Certificate

This programme is an introduction to all students from Primary School Level to Secondary School Level in Swaziland. In their first year (Form 1) students are required to do all the subjects under the Junior Certificate Curriculum and as they progress to the second year(Form 2) they have the right t...........

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With an average of each student taking 8 subjects the school ensures that subjects taken by each pupil leads to a career of most benefit in future. Core subjects under the SGCSE/IGCSE are; English Language, Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology, Computer Education and Geography A student can...........

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