School Curriculum

A Level

This is a bridging course for students who wish to join universities where the IGCSE/SGCSE/ O'LEVEL qualification is not sufficient for admission.

The school started offering A'Level in 1976. This was necessitated by the fact that the University of Swaziland was not offering any of the science related courses like Engineering/ Medicine at that time. A student who wished to be a medical student, for example, had to first do BSc before applying to universities outside Swaziland.

Even today things have not changed much. Most students who wish to be Engineers/Doctors look to South Africa universities. Unfortunately the SGCSE qualification is not sufficient for admission to these universities. Parents spend a lot of money enrolling their children into expensive South African schools to do matric. St Mark's High School offers these students/parents a cheaper and quality alternative.

The syllabus the school is offering is the Cambridge International Advanced Level Syllabus. This is one of the most recognized university entry qualifications worldwide. The setting and marking of examinations is done in the UK alternative.

Our A'Level is in two parts:

1. The Advanced Level (A'Level)

This is a two year program. Students are required to take three subjects (they can take four if they so wish and can handle the work load) and must pass at least two subjects well. The subjects we offer are:

Mathematics (compulsory for all students)

2. The Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level)

This is a one year program. Students take a minimum of four subjects and must pass a minimum of four subjects to be eligible for university admission. The subjects we offer are:

Mathematics (compulsory for all students)
Computer Science
English Language

The laboratories are equipped with necessary apparatus and text books needed for the coverage of the syllabus.

Classes are relatively small, not more than 30 students for AS and 25 for A'Level. This enables the teachers to adequately attend to every student's needs.

Our Results
The A’ level results have continuously been very good. But it must be noted that in as much as our teachers do their very best to prepare the students, a student’s results are dependent on the effort he/ she puts during the SGCSE foundation.

Most of our students go to South African universities, the most favorite ones being Wits University, University of Cape Town and University of Pretoria.

If you need more information about the program, please contact the school.