School Hostels

About Our Hostel

With a boarding facility which can accommodate 500 students; the hostel environment of St Mark’s High School can be described as a “Home  Away From Home.

There is enough accommodation for both boys and girls divided into groups.

The facilities are warm and welcoming to every student. A home which tends to build a child educationally and among other facilities which are catered for boarding students.

The school has a fully qualified staff which ensures that students are well taken off while away home.  Personal meals can be prescribed for students who have certain medical conditions to ensure that every student is able to eat a healthy balanced meal on a daily basis.

A study session is provided on weekly schedule as follow:

In entertaining the students on weekends; the school normally organizes sporting bonanza with other boarding schools in Swaziland.  Furthermore; students are able to request permission to do some shopping in town which may include the purchasing of toiletries.

Visiting Hours:

Weekdays: 1610hrs – 1700hrs

Weekends: 1400hrs – 1700hrs

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Group House Photo
Form 5Birkley House
Form 3 – 4Duncan House
Form 1 – 2Founders House
Form 6Kewin House


Group House Photo
Form 4 – 5Alice Vine House
Form 1 – 3Mary Webster House
Form 6White House